Dec 1, 2010


Virgin mary, a non-alcoholic version of bloody mary is a mock tail, which in fact one can drink at any time of the day.
This drink can be had for breakfast or brunch or can be served at parties as a
mock tail. and very easy to whip up.

It is a tomato based drink which is spicy as well as healthy.

And when i am not feeling like drinking it spicy, i add up sugar to make a different flavored tomato juice!!

Tomatoes -- 4-5 (big, juicy)
Lemon juice -- 1-2 tablespoons
Celery seeds -- a pinch (powdered)
Worcestershire sauce -- 1 teaspoon
Tabasco sauce -- 1/2 teaspoon
Pepper powder -- to taste
Salt -- a pinch + for garnish
Ice cubes for serving
Celery stick for garnish

Rub the rim of the glass with little lemon juice and dip it in the salt. Chill the glass in a refrigerator.

To blanch the tomato, drop them into the boiling water for a couple minutes. Remove and run cool water on it. Peel the skin off. Quarter them and remove the seeds.

Run the tomatoes in a blender until smooth. Chill it.

Before serving add all other ingredients except ice cubes to the chilled tomato juice and mix it nicely in your blender or a cocktail mixer.

Take the chilled glass. Fill the ice cubes (as much as u wish) and pour the virgin mary in the glass. Serve garnished with a celery stick.


  1. great drink for daytime..


  2. Something totally new to me, must be a very refreshing drink.

  3. great that name....:)

  4. Vanishri,hats off to you!!! You are multi talented,I looked at the sketches and now I am looking at all the wonderful drinks and dishes you create:)BTW I love bloody Mary,this drink brings back Honeymoon memories*smiles* I am particulary fond of the flavors-tomato with lemon,and the 2 sauces,so I should definately get the kicks from the virgin one:)