Feb 7, 2011


When Mrs.R dropped in with the nice raw bananas from her backyard, i suddenly got the idea of making chips.
It had been  real long time since i had these things. Again the childhood memories of my grand parents place and all.... :) . You all pretty much know how the story goes.

Anyway i tried my hand at these chips not sure if they are going to be soggy or crisp. But they turned out real nice. Yummy too.  So i am so inspired to try out the Nendra banana chips next time. All i have to do is find some nendra banana ;-)

This banana chips is very easy to make. Doesn't take much time also there are many different flavours you can use for variation. The ingreadients i used are

Banana -- 2-3 (usually the variety which is used for cooking )

Note that all bananas are not same and will not produce the same results. Some variety are not fir to make chips and will turn soggy and oily.

Salt -- 1/2 teaspoon
Chilli powder -- 1 teaspoon

Oil -- for deep frying

You can change the amount of the salt and chili powder according to your taste.
Different masala powders or chat masala can be used for different flavour.

Heat oil i n a frying pan. While the oil is heating wash and peel the bananas. Mix salt and chili powder and keep aside.

Once the oil is hot, using a slicer, slice the bananas into thin wafers direclty in to the oil. Fry till crisp and lightly golden in color.

Remove on kitchen tissues. Sprinke the salt and chili powder mixture on them. Toss lighly coat it evenly. Cool and store it in a airtight container.
You can snack on it or eat it with your meal like your regular potato chips.


  1. I can munch this all day, looks so crispy and yummy.

  2. Delicious, crunchy munching sanck...

  3. ooh yum love the crispy and spicy chips...
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  5. Chips looks crisp. Reminded me of A-1 chips,which is a famous chain of chips shop back home! :)

  6. Chipps look very crunchy and inviting! I just made some plantain chips - my post for tomorrow - check it out at priyasnowserving.blogspot.com

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  9. You know when I start eating banana chips, I just cannot stop! I keep wolfing them down till I finish the entire packet and then I feel sick :( But doesnt deter me from doing the same thing the next time around :D thats how much i love banana chips! so this page is bookmarked!

  10. Very tempting chips,can munch all day. A perfect snack.

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  11. Wow...it looks simply amazing...mmm...truly mouthwatering..
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  12. First time here and love your blog. The chips looks perfect, nice and crispy.

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  14. lovely blog :-)simply amazing...A perfect..crispy chips

  15. I absolutely-totally LOVE banana chips..once i start munching them its hard to stop..after a few disastrous trials..i simply gave up on home made crispy ones..n happily bought packed banana chips..but now i am again tempted !!..first time on ur blog..I am following..:)!!..Do visit my blog...http://deviliciouschef.blogspot.com/