Nov 18, 2010


Double ka meeta is one of the special delicacy of hyderabad. First time when i had this dish in a restaurant i was really impressed with the taste. Next thing i know, i am trying to make it at home.

I found the shahi tukda recipe in many places which is very similar to the double ka meeta. I think the only difference is that the double ka meeta is served with bread slices crumbled and shahi tukda has a definite shape.

Whatever the differences it definitely is very tasty. so this time i prepared this for my birthday. A little treat for myself ;)

Here's the recipe.

Bread slices -- 10(1 day old or hard bread works best)

Milk -- 1 liter
Sugar -- 1/3 cup
Ghee (clarified butter) -- 2/3 cup

Mixed chopped nuts -- 1/4 cup (lightly roasted)

Boil milk and simmer it on low flame until the milk thickens. Reduce it to almost 1/4 of the original quantity. Run it in the blender to get smooth, creamy milk.
Chill it in the fridge.

Remove the Crust from the bread and cut it into desired shape (round, triangle etc.).

Heat ghee in wide pan and deep fry the bread slices until light golden brown and crispy. It is best done on low flame. Take them out on the paper towels.

Add enough water to the sugar to dissolve it and cook it on a low flame to make a thick sugar syrup.

15 minutes before serving,

Arrange the bread slices in a plate. Pour the sugar syrup on it and let it soak for 3-4 minutes.
Now transfer them in a serving dish. Pour the chilled creamy milk on the slices. Garnish with chopped nuts.

Refrigerate it for another 10 minutes and serve chilled. (do not wait till it becomes soggy)

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  1. thanks forvisiting and vauable commentskeep it up
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    shahi tukra is all time favourateur dish is so tempting ki eat it just now

  2. Shahi tukda looks mouth watering....I have try this for sure..

  3. Tempting and mouthwatering

  4. Looks so tempting !! I am sure it will taste great
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  6. never tried out these yummies--- nice recipe

  7. these are my hubby's favorite..they have came out really well!

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  8. Love double ka meetha, simply awesome...

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