Sep 23, 2011


Ordering pizza when hubby is eating out is slowly becoming less frequent, ever since i tried my own pizza. Who wants to eat the refined flour based overpriced pizzas when you can bake a healthier version at home. :)

The novelty of baking a pizza at home is loading(unloading)

Aug 30, 2011


After the whole wheat, i wanted to try out a plain white bread just to see how it comes out at home. I am really happy with the result. The bread was beautiful (if u call food beautiful!) and yummy.

I think ii will try out the mixture of plain flour and whole wheat next ti

Aug 18, 2011


Potato buns and spicy capsicum buns are the specialties of 'bangalore bakery' i think. I can't find them in many other bakeries and not here in hyderabad. We have a bangalore bakery nearby but his buns are always "over" by the time we go there and ask for it.

So i decided to try my hand at

Aug 11, 2011

WHOLE WHEAT BREAD, My first bread,

in fact my first baking attempt. The bread was very good and made from whole wheat flour. (regular atta) I wanted to make a healthy bread without refined flour and am happy with the result. Even though it was not as spongy and soft as 'bangalore iyyengar bakery'