Jul 10, 2009


Rava (Semolina) -- 1 cup
Curd (yogurt) -- 1 cup
Oil/Ghee (clarified butter) -- 1 tablespoon
Mustard seeds -- 1 teaspoon
Chana dal (Split chickpea) -- 1 teaspoon
Cashew nuts -- 8-10
Green chillies -- 2/3 finely chopped
Curry leaves -- few, chopped
Coriander leaves -- small bunch, chopped
Fresh Ginger -- 1/4" grated
Soda -- 1 pinch(optional)
salt to taste

Heat oil/Ghee in a pan. Add mustard seeds. When the mustard starts crackling, add chana dal and cashew nuts. Fry till cashew nuts start turning light brown.

Now add green chilles,curry leaves, coriander leaves, ginger and fry for a minute.

Now add rava and fry for 4-5 minutes on medium flame. Remove from flame and let it cool completely.

Once the rava is cold, mix it with well beaten curd and salt and soda. Add water if the batter is too thick.

Let the batter stand for 3-4 minutes. Since rava absorbs the water in the batter, it will become thicker. Now add a little more water if required.

Now the batter is ready to be steamed.
Ladle the batter into the Idly containers and steam it for 15 minutes. Serve hot.