Dec 27, 2010


Its been more than a week since my last post. I been busy with personal things ,guests and everything. Well.., still am i busy with those things but today i sneaked a few minutes for this post.

I love simple food with minimum ingredients. This is one of those lovely dishes i love snacking on! Well it is healthy right?

Ok, here is the recipe. Hmmm.. Infact there is almost no recipe for this dish! It is as simple as tossing assorted veggies in butter and adding a dash of salt and pepper.

Dec 17, 2010


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Dec 13, 2010


The greens vendor is back in our colony! He had disappeared for a couple of months but now back. So i can buy all the fresh stuff and enjoy.

First thing i thought of making was Methi Paratha, then decided to try something different and new.

The mixed green paratha turned out to be more healthy :)

Dec 10, 2010


We had a nice tangy tomato chutney at the restaurant last weekend. I liked the tangy taste and wanted to try it out at home.

Since i was running low on tomato, decided to make a onion version. Turned out nice.

For the toamto version add 1 cup of chopped tomato instead of tamarind juice. Decrease the amount of onion to 1/2 cup and add 5-6 chopped garlic pods

Dec 7, 2010


When we were kids we used to love eating raw beans. When it is tender and crunchy it tastes very nice. Of course i am a veggie lover, and used (still do ) eat many of them raw.

So when we got  fresh, green, tender beans from the market, we would finish off a portion in the raw form as soon as it was washed.  Guess my parents didn't have a tough time making us children

Dec 6, 2010


The other day we were watching a cookery show on TV. The host made these yummy looking bread dosas which i decided to make with the leftover bread which i had.

Since i had not noted down the amount of ingredients, i have used my


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Dec 2, 2010


Salad is a very flexible dish as you can literally make it from any food group. Veggies, fruits, dairy, meat, nuts, lentils.... the list is endless as to what can be used in a salad.

Its a healthy way of eating as mostly there are many uncooked

Dec 1, 2010


Virgin mary, a non-alcoholic version of bloody mary is a mock tail, which in fact one can drink at any time of the day.
This drink can be had for breakfast or brunch or can be served at parties as a