Dec 27, 2010


Its been more than a week since my last post. I been busy with personal things ,guests and everything. Well.., still am i busy with those things but today i sneaked a few minutes for this post.

I love simple food with minimum ingredients. This is one of those lovely dishes i love snacking on! Well it is healthy right?

Ok, here is the recipe. Hmmm.. Infact there is almost no recipe for this dish! It is as simple as tossing assorted veggies in butter and adding a dash of salt and pepper.
But still i will go ahead and tell u how i made it anyway.

Butter -- 2-3 tablespoons (Add more if you don't mind extra workout)

Green peas -- 1/2 cup (fresh/frozen)
Sweet corn kernels -- 1/2 cup (same again)
Carrot -- 1/2 cup (cubed)
Broccoli -- few florets (toss is as many as you like)
Salt -- 1-2 pinches
Pepper -- to taste (optional)

Add/skip any vegetable of your choice. I also make it with only broccoli.

Melt butter in a large wok.

Add the veggies and stir-fry for 4-6 minutes on medium to high flame. Sprinkle salt and peeper and serve hot.


  1. Buttered veggie looks splendid! Lovely colours ;)

  2. Love the colours. Can imagine how it tastes

  3. hi vani,

    thnx for visiting me... love ur comments!! I've tried stir fried broccoli, now it's time to try with other veggies... nice one!!

  4. hi there,
    this is a winner---am drooling here, simple but very yummy looking !!

  5. Healthy plate packed with veggies..looks colorful

    Aaha Oho

  6. Delicious looking plate of healthy veggies! The perfect dish after all those festive treats!

  7. A very Happy new year to you n ur family , loved going thru ur wonderful blog !!!

    - Smita
    (fun foods for little eaters

  8. Have a great n prosperous 2011 dear!!
    Buttered veggies look colorful and tasty!

    US Masala