Apr 17, 2010


Rice flour -- 1 cup
water -- 1 cup
Cucumber -- 1/2 medium
Salt to taste
Sesame seeds -- 2 teaspoons

Wash and grate cucumber.

Heat water in a deep vessel and add salt and cucumber gratings to this.

Now lower the heat and add sesame seeds. Now slowly add rice flour to the water. Keep stirring to avoid lumps. Once the rice flour is cooked cover it and leave it aside for 15-12 minutes.

Once the dough is cool enough knead it. Add a little rice flour if required.
Take a small portion of the dough and roll it between the back side of a plate(or on a smooth cutting board) and your palm to make it thick sized thread like shape.
Roll this thread into circular shape like chakli.
Use a chakli mold if u cannot get it right.

Heat oil in a pan and fry these kodubales' in batches until both sides are browned.

Ready to serve. It can be stored up to a fortnight in a airtight container.

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