Mar 8, 2010



Rice flour -- 2 cups + 1/2 cup for kneading and rolling
Water -- 2 3/4 cup
Cucumber -- 1/2 cup (grated)(optional)
Coconut oil (optional)
Salt to taste

Boil water in a pan. Add salt. (Add cucumber if u r using it and cook it for 5 minutes. Use more water for cooking cucumber. Cucumber gives a nice aroma to the roti.)

Lower the heat and slowly add the rice flour, continuously mixing. Cook it on low heat for a couple of minutes, all the while mixing the dough. Turn off the heat.

Let the mixture stand for 5 minutes. Keep it covered.

Now remove the cover and let it cool. Once sufficiently cool knead the dough nicely. Add a little rice flour if required. Dough should be little tighter than the pulka dough.

Now take a small portion of the dough and make a round ball and flatten it slightly with your palm. Dip it in rice flour and roll it out on a parchment sheet.

Cook it slowly on a hot griddle until both side are cooked. Drizzle with coconut oil for extra flavor. Serve hot with coconut chutney or Hesaru kalu bhaji .

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