Nov 15, 2010


Ok, i am feeling like eating pizza and hubby is not coming home. So time to order a pizza. Ok, now you are thinking 'oh , she is ordering pizza behind her husband's back !! hmmm.. ' . To clarify it, he has strange aversion to the pizza and all the cheese in general, it is out of question whether he likes it or not. Of course he hates it.!!!  IMAGINE!!..

Anyway so when he is not coming for lunch it's my pizza time. So i call up pizza hut.
The person says "I am sorry ma'am. we don't deliver it to your area."
I say "since when?"

He is very diplomatic while explaining how he delivers only up to half kilometers from my home and not further. Reason: I think even he doesn't know. Any way i couldn't get it out of him.

So i am on my own. That is when i got the bright idea of using the leftover bread slices to make my own substitute for pizza. They turn out quite ok.

Bread slices -- 5-6

Olive oil -- 1 tablespoon
Capsicum -- 1 small
Onion -- 1 small

Pizza sauce -- 5-6 teaspoons
Oregano -- 1-2 teaspoon (powdered)
Pepper powder -- 1/8 teaspoon
Salt -- a pinch
Mozzarella cheese -- as much(little) as you want :)

Slice onion and capsicum (or you can chop it finely). Add it to a wok with olive oil and toss it on high flame for a couple of minutes. Add salt. Turn off the heat and keep aside.

Take the bread slices and apply pizza sauce on it evenly. Sprinkle some grated cheese on the sauce.

Now top the bread slices with the sauteed onion and capsicum. Sprinkle another layer of cheese topped with oregano and pepper.

Heat a thick griddle(tawa). Lower the heat and transfer the bread slices on the griddle. Slowly cook it until the cheese melts. Take care not to burn the bread.

Enjoy bredizza.

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