Nov 13, 2009


Spinach -- 4 cups.
Garlic (chopped) -- 2tsp
Sesame seeds -- 3-4 tsp.
Red chilly flakes -- 1tsp.
Sugar -- 1tblsp.
Sesame oil (optional) -- 1tblsp.
Salt to taste.
Oil for deep frying.

Wash and completely dry spinach. Then shred finely and deep fry them in batches. Take care not to let the color of spinach change.
Put them on absorbent papers and blot out all the oil.

Heat sesame oil in a pan, add chopped garlic, red chilli flakes and sesame seeds. When the sesame seeda starts spluttering add spinach. Mix lightly and sprinkle salt, sugar. Toss well and serve hot.

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